Are you considering selling your home?

Are you considering selling your home?

Having a real estate attorney review your listing agreement can save you time, stress and money.

Do you know who represents you at closing?
Typically the closing attorney for a South Carolina property represents the buyer at closing. However, there are instances where a seller may need to obtain separate counsel for closing. Below is a brief description of our Seller Representation Services:

Closings Occurring In Our Office:
As the buyer’s attorney with the closing occurring here at our office, our office will prepare the deed, obtain mortgage and other lien payoffs, obtain HOA account statements, obtain lien waivers (if necessary) and any other customary documents for your signature required for closing. Although the seller is not our client under this circumstance, we will ensure that the sales proceeds are delivered when all buyer and lender funds have been received, all documentation has been signed, and the buyer’s lender has provided disbursement authority (if required).

For Sale By Owner Services:
Our office can draft and finalize the purchase contract and provide seller’s disclosure forms required for closing.

Seller Representation Only:
As the seller’s attorney with the closing occurring at another attorney location chosen by the buyer, we offer seller representation on the terms that follow. Typically, our office will review the purchase contract prior to signing. We will also prepare the deed and other required documents for closing. Any forms from the buyer's closing attorney needed for closing will be reviewed by our office prior to seller's signature. Our office provides the buyer’s attorney mortgage payoff statements and homeowners’ association account information (if applicable). The final settlement statement provided by buyer's closing office is reviewed to ensure accuracy of closing terms, proration of tax amounts for the current year, and lien payoff amounts.

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