Property Tax Information

Knowledge of property tax information may end up saving you money.

Understanding property tax exemptions and proration is important. We go through each in detail at the time of closing and provide reminder notices with your closing notebook.

When a property is transferred, the tax assessor's office may reappraise the property for the subsequent tax year at the current market rate.

Please be advised that you must apply for the Legal Residence Special Assessment Ratio in order to ensure you are receiving the proper tax rate on your new home. If you do not apply for the special assessment, your home may be taxed at a higher tax rate!

Am I eligible for a lower tax rate?

In order to be eligible for the 4% tax rate the following items are needed from you and your spouse (if applicable):

  • Copy of your South Carolina vehicle(s) registration with new property address.
  • Copy of South Carolina driver(s) license with new property address for each of you.

Please remember the 4% tax rate is only given if this property is to be used as your primary residence. If the property is a second home or an investment property, the tax rate will be 6%.